​"Agony" album preview by female thrash metal band Nervosa

The Brazilian thrash metal trio Nervosa presented the preview of the second album "Agony". The release will take place on June 3 via Napalm Records. The recording was held at Sylvia Massy’s The Foundation studio (Ashland, Oregon) and at the Norcal Studios (Davis, CA) with producer Brendan Duffey.

The band’s vocalist and bassist Fernanda Lira commented: "This is a big step, and a dream come true for the band to record this album in the US! We are happy to work with Brendan, who is a producer we appreciate a lot, and even more fulfilled to record the drums in the studio of this major producer Sylvia Massy is!"


  1. Arrogance
  2. Theory Of Conspiracy
  3. Deception
  4. Intolerance Means War
  5. Guerra Santa
  6. Failed System
  7. Hostages
  8. Surrounded By Serpents
  9. CyberWar
  10. Hypocrisy
  11. Devastation

Bonus track:

  1. Wayfarer

"Agony" cover

Nervosa Agony

Preview photo by Laura Marie Anthony


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