​Acherontas releases first song from upcoming album

The Greek black metallers Acherontas presented the lyric video "Sorcery And The Apeiron". The song appears on the band’s upcoming album "Faustian Ethos", which is ser for release on May 18 via Agonia Records.

On April 21, Acherontas are to perform for the first time in Ukraine at the 5th Holy Death Over Kyiv festival, featuring metal acts from Ukraine (Kroda, Burshtyn, Bergrizen, Grave Circles) and Belarus (Pestilentia).


  1. Τhe Fall of the First Pillar
  2. Sorcery and the Apeiron
  3. Aeonic Alchemy (Act I)
  4. Faustian Ethos
  5. The Old Tree and the Wise Man
  6. The Alchemists of the Radiant Sepulchre (Act II)
  7. Decline of the West (O Ιερεας και ο Ταφος)
  8. Vita Nuova

"Faustian Ethos" cover


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