​Robustfellow gig feat. Udol, Celophys, and Soom to be held in Kyiv on April 20

The team of the Kyiv-based Robustfellow Prods., known for its exquisite approach to the publication of physical carriers and the organization of 4 major festivals of heavy psychedelic music, will organize the first concert this year. According to the promoters, the event will celebrate several important events at once:

  1. Presentation of Celophys’ new album [Cherkasy, UA] entitled "Fried Chordata"
  2. The anniversary of SOOM’s [Kharkiv, UA] album "Jebars", as well as the premiere of the clip "Stroller" in Robust Cinema
  3. The first performance in Ukraine of the band UDOL [Barcelona, ES] and the presentation of their vinyl "153 lliures i 17 salaris"

The event will also feature a lecture about Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album, an eco-show and a party til the morning which will include such performing acts as:

VolverStone [Zhytomyr, UA] one-man band fuzz
Fuerte [Cherkasy, UA] the first live performance in Kiev
Vykrout [Kyiv, UA] discoturbodoom | debut performance
Zoanthropy [Kyiv, UA] post-metal / sludge
Syoda [Kyiv, UA] Experimental IDM / Techno
Deathwish / MURRR TEAM [Kyiv, UA] Bass drop / dubstep

The event will be held on April 20 at Breadberry Studio at the address: Stepan Bandera Avenue, 16, Kyiv, 02000.
Beginning at 6:30 pm, ending at 6 am on April 21
Tickets can be ordered here: https:///event.com/en/events/1655908
Number of tickets is limited
Event on Facebook


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