News in brief: Windswept, Khors, Lutomysl, and Stryvigor

Check out new offerings from 4 Ukrainian black metal acts, including Khors’ latest EP "За межами тваринного (Beyond the Bestial)", released on December 8, two tracks from Lutomysl’s upcoming LP "Ecce Homo", the new song "Stargazer" by Windswept, the side project of Drudkh’s members, and full-length record "Шлях завдовжки у нескінченність (Lifelong Journey)" by atmospheric black metal band Stryvigor.

Also listen to: Atmospheric BM "Unterm Gipfelthron" from solo project Rauhnåcht

Check out also: Kroda, Morok, and Svrm full album streams

Main pic — Khors


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