​Mørkt Tre share "To The Graves of Smoldering Time" album teaser

The Ukrainian black metal band Mørkt Tre unveiled the teaser of the upcoming album "To The Graves of Smoldering Time", which will come out via the Brazilian label Fimbulvinter Productions. The exact release date is still unknown.

"To The Graves of Smoldering Time" will be available in standard jewel-case CD. The band has already unveiled the cover artwork, painted by Tern Loge and Rogneda (design by Kogaion Art) as well as the album tracklist. Album mixed and mastered by Nihil (Furia) at the Czysciec Studio, Poland.


  1. Opus I
  2. Opus II
  3. Opus III
  4. Opus IV
  5. Opus V
  6. Opus VI

Earlier, Mørkt Tre has unveiled the track "Opus IV", which will appear on "To The Graves of Smoldering Time".


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