Live footage from Alcest's show in Kyiv surfaced online

Kirai Gigs unveiled a selection of live videos, filmed during the performance of the French band Alcest in Kyiv. During the Friday concert, which was held on March 31 with the support of the Kyiv-based band Seaeye, the musicians presented their new album "Kodama" to the Ukrainian public.

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Alcest's setlist:

  1. Onyx
  2. Kodama
  3. Je suis d’ailleurs
  4. Écailles de lune
  5. Autre temps
  6. Oiseaux de proie
  7. Eclosion
  8. Les voyages de l'âme
  9. Sur l'océan couleur de fer
  10. Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles
  11. Délivrance

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