KZOHH pro-live video "Massebegravelser"

The Ukrainian metal band KZOHH presented the pro-shot live video "Massebegravelser", filmed during the performance at the Kharkiv’s festival Via Sinistra III on December, 6 2015.

"Massebegravelser" appeared on the second album "Rye. Fleas. Chrismon.", released on November 23 via the German label No Colours Records.

KZOHH is a quintet formed by bassist Khorus (Khors), drummer Odatv (Elderblood, ex-Nokturnal Mortum), guitarist Helg (Khors, Ulvegr), keyboardist Hyozt (Reusmarkt) and vocalist Zhoth (Reusmarkt) in 2013. The band’s debut album "IAOLTDOTAD" came out in October, 2014.


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