​Edwin Hubble’s debut video "Somnia" about manipulation of society’s consciousness

The Kyiv-based experimental rock act Edwin Hubble released the debut video for the song "Somnia", directed by the band’s guitarist Artyom Gordynya.

In a recent interview [translated from Russian by Noizr], Artyom said that "the main idea of the video rises from the concept of the track itself. "Somnia" is a fictitious word, the antonym of "Insomnia", figuratively speaking, it means a half-sleep or a state of trance. We decided that hypnosis can best illustrate this state, being the extreme form of imposition and manipulation of consciousness, in which a person falls into a state of unconsciousness."

The director also said that "the idea of the video is to show how all of us are zombified and turned into vegetables stuffed with unnecessary information, other people's ideas, etc. The guy at the beginning is a symbol of each of us. TVs in all scenes are a source of manipulation and a portal-transition between scenes. What is important is that in the beginning there is a slicing with childhood memories, something that is really valuable for all of us, but it all drives out of us, replacing the illusion of life with unnecessary things, absurd dogmas and dangerous ideologies."


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