Check 'Em All: Do Skonu’s full album stream and teaser of White Ward’s upcoming record

Latest and upcoming releases from Ukrainian black metal acts: Do Skonu’s "Black Asceticism" full album stream and the teaser of White Ward’s upcoming record "Love Exchange Failure", which will be released "in the coming months" via Debemur Morti Productions.

"Black Asceticism" became the 5th album in Do Skonu’s discography. Its release took place on April 15 via Those Opposed Records.

"Love Exchange Failure" recording process featured a few guest vocalists, including Ivan Kozakevych from Sectorial, Vitaliy Gavrilenko from Signals Feed The Void and Renata Kazhan from Zukkor Zzov. "Love Exchange Failure" will be the second album in White Ward’s discography.

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White Ward photo by Alinele Grotesque


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