American-Ukrainian split about First World War is available online

The Ukrainian black/doom metallers 1914 and the American black metal band Minenwerfer presented a joint release "Ich hatt einen Kameraden", dedicated to the events of the First World War.

The bands comment: "New split release between powerful war-machines from the New World and the Old World: militant black metal by MINENWERFER vs. blackened death-doom by 1914. During the Great War, their grandfathers were on different sides of the trench, but 100 years later, music has bonded them together. Ich hatt einen Kameraden is not only eight musical tracks; it’s history — a history of battles on the Eastern front during 1914-1915, during the Carpathian and Masurian campaigns. It's a history of people who lived, loved, fought, and died. This painting of the Great War, which claimed the lives of over 40 million people, changed the world and destroyed the greatest empires of the Old World."

The split "Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden" was released on September 2 on CD via Bandcamp. Follow the link to read Noizr Zine’s review for the debut album "Eschatology Of War" by Lviv-based band 1914.


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