​1914 shows defense of Fort Wau in new video "C’est mon dernier pigeon"

Ukrainian metallers 1914 released the music video "C’est mon dernier pigeon", directed by Tementiy Pronov (Slippy Inc). The clip is dedicated to the events of the First World War.

The band comments [the original punctuation is saved — Noizr]: "We proudly present you our first video for the song "C'est mon dernier pigeon". The events displayed in the video tell us the story of the Fort Vaux defence during the battle of Verdun in 1916. A handful of brave French soldiers under the command of Major Raynal resisted the outstanding German forces, numbered around 600 hundred men the defenders were capable to destroy more than 3000 of the enemy soldiers but were doomed to fail. After the surrender of the fort garrison, the German army group commander Crown Prince Wilhelm, presented Major Raynal with a French officer's sword as a sign of respect. Surely, the appropriate act as for the last war of the gentlemen."

The song "C’est mon dernier pigeon" was taken from 1914’s latest record "The Blind Leading the Blind", which will be re-released on May 31 via Napalm Records, with which the band previously signed a contract.

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