​Photos from black metal festival Holy Death Over Kiev IV

Photos from black metal festival Holy Death Over Kiev IV

Holy Death Over Kiev, a one-day festival dedicated to black metal, was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, last Friday, November 17, for the fourth time. The event, which took place at the Monteray Live Stage club, featured metal acts from Sweden, Estonia, and Ukraine — Hetroertzen, Thou Shell Of Death, Do Skonu, Balance Interruption, and Stormride. Above, you can check out a photo report from the fest shot by Mila Immortality special for Noizr Zine. Follow the link to see also photos from Holy Death Over Kiev III with Cult of Fire.

Stormride (Black/Thrash Metal, Ukraine)

Do Skonu (Black Metal, Ukraine)

Balance Interruption (Experimental Black Metal, Ukraine)

Thou Shell Of Death (Atmospheric Black Metal, Estonia)

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Hetroertzen (Black Metal, Chile/Sweden)

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Noizr Zine thanks the organizers of Holy Death Over Kiev IV for accreditation


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