Photo report from Kyiv’s Oskorei – Midvinter festival 2017

Photo report from Kyiv’s Oskorei – Midvinter festival 2017

On Saturday, December 2, the festival of dark music fans Oskorei took place at the "Bingo" club in Kyiv, Ukraine. In addition to outstanding Ukrainian bands, the event also featured a number of foreign guests, well-known to the true fans of black, folk, and pagan metal, among which where Bucovina, Ereb Altor, Panychida, and Skogen. Above and below, you can see photos from the event from Mila Immortality and a short text report from Anastezia.

Nödutgång:Självmord (Depressive/Post-Black Metal, Ukraine)

The evening was opened by Nödutgång:Självmord — the Poltava-based depressive post-black metal act which set the tone for the general atmosphere of the evening with their gloomy, dismal music. The name "Nödutgång:Självmord" in Swedish means "Emergency Exit: Suicide", which makes it clear about the genre of the band.

White Ward (Post-Black Metal, Ukraine)

The second act was the Odesa’s band White Ward — the youngest member of the festival whose debut album "Futility Report", released in May this year, was able to attract attention and gain positive reaction from both listeners and music critics. During the performance at the Oskorei, it was clearly visible that the band members were giving their 100%.

Panychida (Pagan Metal, Czech Republic)

The first one of the foreign bands at the event were the Czech metal act Panychida. The group, which combines elements of black, folk, symphonic and pagan metal in its music, has plunged Oskorei visitors into an atmosphere of ancient mythology and pagan legends.

Skogen (Black Metal, Sweden)

The next set was played by the Swedes Skogen, whose music, called by critics as "contemplative black metal", is full of northern harmonies and striving for an exceptionally natural sound. Early next year, the band plans to release their new album, a few details of which were revealed by Skogen's leader Joakim Svensson in his interview with Noizr Zine.

Bucovina (Black/Folk Metal, Romania)

Skogen were replaced on stage by their colleagues from Romania — the folk/black metallers Bucovina, whose work is closely interwoven with the music, history, and folklore of their native country. During the band’s set, the audience willingly performed moshing and the wall of death in front of the stage.

Ereb Altor (Viking/Black Metal, Sweden)

The penultimate band of the festival was Ereb Altor from Sweden. This metal act, greatly influenced by their compatriots Bathory, plays extraordinarily epic and melodic music which is perfectly combined with the pure and strong vocal of the band's frontman. In addition to their own tracks, including the new ones from the latest LP "Ulfven", Ereb Altor also performed cover on the track of their main inspirers.

Sectorial (Blackened death metal, Ukraine)

The festival's program was closed by the Ukrainian metallers Sectorial, who played in Kyiv two years ago. The audience noticeably missed the band’s live shows and, having the time of their lives, performed moshing to the most upbeat tracks of Sectorial, such as "Tree Eater", "Enough Skills?" and "Young Shoots". In addition to the tracks from the latest album "W.A.T.R.A.", the musicians also presented two new songs — "Зхід зими" and "Коли впаде остання башта" ["The Exodus of Winter" and "When the Last Tower falls" in Ukrainian].

Noizr Zine thanks Konstantin Żmijewski for accreditation


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