Melancholy, depression, denial: Music from Archivist, Asofy, Bathsheba, Mord'A'Stigmata, Regnmoln, and Maré

Melancholy, depression, denial: Music from Archivist, Asofy, Bathsheba, Mord'A'Stigmata, Regnmoln, and Maré

Our selection includes five new releases and one 2015’s album of the Swedish one-man band. Below, you will find the album from the international sci-fi band Archivist, the third LP from the Italians Asofy, combining doom metal with post-rock, darkwave and drone, the debut record of the Belgian sludge/doom metal band Bathsheba, a fresh release from the depths of the Polish underground by Mord'A'Stigmata, the first release of the German post-hardcore band Maré, and the depressive post-black from Regnmoln.

Archivist — "Construct"

International band Archivist, featuring members from Austria, Britain, and Germany, presented the second full-length album "Construct" on February 23. The musicians playing blackened post-metal, dedicates their song themes of science fiction, and the fall of humanity. The basis of "Construct" music is mid-tempo post-metal, where the drummer sometimes changes to high-speed blast bits, and raising to a scream parts by Anna, echoed by no less emotional backing vocalists, is replaced by clean vocal inserts performed by Alex Bradshaw.

Asofy — "Nessun Luogo"

"Nessun Luogo" is the sixth release and the third full-length album from the Italian project Asofy, whose music includes darkwave, drone, and post-rock elements, as well as a sticky melody of doom metal. "Nessun Luogo" came out on February 22 via Avantgarde Music, which is an undoubted expert in atmospheric non-commercial releases.

Bathsheba — "Servus"

The debut full-length album from the Belgian band Bathsheba. "Servus" is a great sounding release in the genre of sludge/doom metal. Some songs of the album stand out due to melodic guitar solos ("Manifest", "The Sleepless Gods"), interesting jazz improvisations ("Ain Soph") and vocal parts by Michelle Nocon who at first sings cleanly and high, then whispers and wheezes ("Demon 13", "I, at the End of Everything"), increasing the overall atmosphere. "Servus" was recorded, mixed, and mastered by "Servus" Jeremy Bézier, the vocalist and bassist of Enthroned.

Mord'A'Stigmata — "Hope"

The fourth album "Hope" from the depths of the Polish underground by Mord'A'Stigmata will plunge the listener into the deep melancholy by its viscous and gloomy melodies. Slow and thick sound of the release sometimes diluted with blast bits, but in the rest the album is filled with doom and post-metal music.

Regnmoln — "Regnmoln"

Filled with pain and suffering, the self-titled debut release from the Swedish one-man project which plays depressed post-black. Regnmoln was formed in 2015 and currently has in stock only one split with the Russian band Культура Курения. Recorded in 2014 and released in 2015, two years later, "Regnmoln" received the green light from the Pest Productions label, which issued the musician’s 6-track album on CDs this February.

Maré — "Abschied"

The debut EP from the young band Maré performing blackened post-hardcore with crust punk elements in German language. Before listening — grab the dictionary, because every song, according to the description on the band’s website, has a direct context and integrated into a narrative and musical overall concept. "Abschied" was mastered by the sound engineer and producer Lasse Lammert, the owner of LSD-Studio.


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