Experimental music: Full album streams of Emptiness, Aborym, cold body radiation, and Erang

Experimental music: Full album streams of Emptiness, Aborym, cold body radiation, and Erang

A selection of new releases, which came out at the beginning of this year, from the project by Enthroned’s members, the Italian group Aborym, the Dutch noise-rockers cold body radiation and the French one-man band Erang.

Emptiness — "Not For Music"

Emptiness is a project, which features two members of the black metal band Enthroned but, despite this, its new release "Not For Music" has not much in common with the musicians' main group and causes much more associations with Clan Of Xymox and other gothic and darkwave representatives. The album was produced by Marilyn Manson’s bass player Jeordie White (better known as Twiggy Ramirez) and mixed by Sean Beavan, who has previously worked with such bands as Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. The release of Emptiness’ fifth album took place on January 20 via Season of Mist.

Aborym — "Shifting.negative"

Another band with tangible love for electronic music of 90's is the Italian group Aborym. Their new release "Shifting. Negative", which came out on January 25 via Agonia Records, is a cheerful electro-industrial with some heavy notes of black and death metal. The album is distinguished by plenty of guest musicians, one of whom is the guitarist Sin Quirin of the cult American band Ministry.

cold body radiation — "the orphean lyre"

"the orphean lyre", a new release by the Dutch project cold body radiation, is a noise rock with a noticeable influence of such bands as Sonic Youth and Big Black. This "noisy" but although melodic album came out right after the New Year, on January 1.

Erang — "King of Nothing, Slave to No One"

"King of Nothing, Slave to No One" is an atmospheric neofolk by the French one-man band Erang, inspired by medieval music, fantasy books and movies. The release of this sometimes cheerful, sometimes epic album took place on January 10 this year.

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