​"Bedroom metal": EP "Kindness Ends" from Kind Man

"Kindness Ends" is the debut EP, come out in early February this year, from the British metal duo. Conceived as a frivolous project, Kind Man eventually presented a good release, in which you can find the features of extreme metal, progressive rock, shoegaze, synthwave, and even experimental vocal opera.

Below are excerpts from the ironic self-description of the project and its release:

"Created entirely on a burnt out computer in a room just large enough for a fold-out bed and a small computer desk, Kindness Ends is a bedroom metal album with ambition -frustrating, tiresome ambition."

"Kind Man began as an all-in-one-day collaborative recording project by Luke Powell and James Walsh, having previously released another project following this one-day framework, 2014's NeckPuncher. Fortunately, the all-in-one-day creation plan was a failure, only getting halfway through the first track (to become The Liner). Kind Man was shelved for several months until Luke, liking the initial tone that had been set, decided to continue the project, piloting it with occasional guidance from James."

In addition to the two main members — Luke Powell and James Walsh, Kindness Ends also featured musicians Anthony Trimming (King Goat), Will Jennings (Skrugg, Tirgoviste), Joanne Robert, Amée Chanter, Benji Hall, Glenn Thomas, Julia Haas, and Luisa Lehmeyer.


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