New atmospheric lyric video: Chernaa "As I Succumbed"

Noizr Productions proudly presents new lyric video for the song “As I Succumbed” from the debut album by Czech post-black metal act Chernaa, titled "Empyrean Fire".

With “As I Succumbed” we tried to reproduce the calm melancholic feeling of acceptance of being agonised without the resist, both in real and in mental worlds. Tranquillity, succumbing, extremity.

The album has a great atmosphere, quality sound and strong mood from beginning till the end of the record. “Empyrean Fire” received rave reviews from critics and fans alike:

— "Chernaa’s ability to meld aggression and melody, all with a singular personality, is what sets them apart from the pack", — Metal Hammer (UK)

— "…excellently executed making the entire release something to truly behold”, — Cadaver Garden