Nabaath's "Central-A-Triangle" is available for free download

Nabaath's "Central-A-Triangle" is available for free download

Black metal band Nabaath released the second full-length album "Central-A-Triangle". It was recorded in several studios of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, contains material 2008-2011.

"Central-A-Triangle" is available for listening and download from the official site:

Date: December 22, 2011
Genre: Black metal

Track listing:

  1. Blastbirth of the Universe
  2. War Blasphemy
  3. Black Ancient Forces
  4. Nabat (Over the Ladoga Mist)
  5. The Center
  6. Tyrant's Reborn
  7. Detonation 1961
  8. Hordes of the End
  9. Doomed to darkness (Doom to the Darkness)


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