Free downloading new Red Fang’s EP

American band Red Fang upload for free download the new mini-album, recorded live in March at the Team Rock studios in London, UK.

EP includes two versions (acoustic and studio) of three songs: "Failure" from the album "Whales and Leeches" 2013, "Human Herd" and "Malverde" from the full-length album "Murder the Mountains" 2011.


  1. Failure (Acoustic)
  2. Human Herd (Acoustic)
  3. Malverde (Acoustic)
  4. Failure (Album Version)
  5. Human Herd (Album Version)
  6. Malverde (Album Version)

Red Fang:

  • Bryan Giles — guitar, vocals
  • Aaron Beam — bass guitar, lead vocals
  • David Sullivan — lead guitar
  • John Sherman — drums


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