The Totemist "2880": новый инструментальный проект Rabea Massaad и Liam Kearley

Премьера полного стрима состоялась 2 мая 2021 года, и теперь EP доступен на YouTube (с видео с студийного выступления), Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify и других платформах.

After talking about writing music together for years, never having the time, due to our respective bands and busy schedules. In February '21 the opportunity arose to get in a room together, so we jumped on it. In the midst of a national lockdown, we spent 2 days of writing and 1 day of recording at Brighton Electric. What resulted is an EP of three songs we are so happy with!

Над альбомом работали:

  • Гитары — Rabea Massaad
  • Барабаны — Liam Kearley
  • Бас — Rabea Massaad
  • Синтезаторы — Rabea Massaad

Recorded at Brighton Electric Studios. Engineered by Alex Gordon & Rabea Massaad. Mixed by Rabea Massaad. Mastered by Mark Roberts.

Video Shot, Edited & Produced by Rory McLean.