"Sleep In Heads was formed in 2015 at Kyiv, Ukraine and with On The Air they deliver around 40 minutes of excellent music. Each of the six tracks on this offering are well put together and well performed providing you with a solid listen that gets your head nodding from note one. With the beautiful violin in openings track Pacifying or the heavy guitars in Time Like the Sand, Sleep in Heads manages to grab your attention.

There is no flaw on this album and there certainly is no filler within this release as you get nothing but mood driven groovy riffs performed by skilled musicians and accompanied by the charming vocals from Sonya in six total tracks. If On The Air is what Sleep in Heads can do on it’s first release then a bright future lies ahead of them."

Follow the link below to read the review in full. Listen to and order Sleep in Heads' "On the Air" via Bandcamp: https://sleepinheads.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-air